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Are Your Hair Dyes Vegan Friendly? 
We have created a blog page all about which hair dyes are animal friendly and/or vegan friendly.  This page will be updated as and when we receive new information from the suppliers and/or manufacturers of these hair dyes.  Are your hair dyes Animal Friendly?


How Long Do The Hair Dyes Last On The Hair? 
When on the hair the length of time the semi-permanent dyes last depends on base colour, porosity of hair, condition of hair, dye used etc and can be from a few days to a few months. In each hair dye product section we give a rough indication of how long the colours may last, this can vary greatly from person to person and we advise to always try a strand test first to determine hair dye result and how long the dye is likely to stay vibrant. The temporary Manic Panic Dye Hard Gels should last approx one wash but you should always try a strand test first. Our Hair Dye Help section gives hints and tips on how to maintain the hair dye colour.


How Long Do The Hair Dyes Last Unopened?
If unopened Special Effects, Manic Panic, Adore, Crazy Color, Pravana, Herman's, Rebellious, Directions & Stargazer Semi-Perm Hair Dyes last at least 30 months from date of manufacture(shelf-life). Once opened these dyes should last a minimum of 12 months with no adverse reactions to hair providing they are securely sealed after each use and stored away from extreme heat or cold and sunlight etc. With some brands the dye results may vary the longer the dye is left from initial use/opening and all dyes should be mixed/stirred before using again as some colour pigments may separate over time.


What Are The Ingredients of The Hair Dyes?
A full list of ingredients of Special Effects, Manic Panic, Adore, Adore Plus, Crazy Color, Pravana, Headshot, Herman's, Via Natural, Directions, Rebellious and Stargazer Hair Dyes and all our Bleach Kits can be seen here - Hair Dye Ingredients. The ingredients shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use incase of any changes or updates of the ingredients.


How Do I Use These Hair Dyes?
Basic instructions for the dyes we sell can be seen here - Hair Dye Instructions.  It is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use incase of any changes or updates of the instructions.


How Much Hair Dye Will I Need?
The amount of dye needed depends on the base colour, hair porosity, hair condition, hair thickness and hair length of the individual so we cannot say for sure how much each person would need but as a general guide shoulder length hair tends to use around one bottle/tub of Special Effects or Manic Panic.  If you think you may need more than one bottle it is always best to buy the most you think you will need to avoid running out of dye part way through.  Some of the dyes are considered one-use however if you purchase one of the 12 month dyes (see the section How Long Do The Hair Dyes Last Unopened? above) you can use the remainder of any unused dye at a later date to top up the colour or for dyeing root re-growth etc.


What Happens If I Don't Like The Dye Results? 
The colour swatches on our website are intended as a guide only and the final colour/vibrancy will depend on the base colour, porosity and condition of your hair amongst other things. Semi Permanent colours will tend to be more vibrant on bleached / pre-lightened or fair hair. Although Special Effects, Manic Panic, Crazy Color, Adore, Pravana, Herman's, Stargazer, Rebellious and Directions are popular brands of hair dye we cannot guarantee that they will work for everyone - it is always advised to do a strand test first to check actual results before using any product. We cannot refund or replace a dye once it has been used if you have not received the results you were hoping for. The section below on different dye results may also help or explain things more fully. This does not affect your statutory rights and you can of course return an unopened/unused product to us under our usual returns policy. More information on colour results and product photos/swatches can be seen in our disclaimer.


Can I Use Your Dyes If I Have a PPD Allergy? 
PPD's are usually found in permanent hair dyes and not semi-permanent ones like Special Effects, Manic Panic etc. Therefore the semi-permanent and temporary dyes we sell should be fine for people with a PPD Allergy but still, as with any hair dye permanent or semi, try a skin/sensitivity test prior to use just to check you are not allergic to anything else in the dye. Further information on PPD can be found in the Hair Dye Forum - PPD Information here. Information on hair dyes and PPD from the Allergy UK website can be seen here: PPD Allergy UK Website and here: PPD Allergy Infomation.


What If I Have An Allergic Reaction To One Of Your Hair Dyes?
Where possible we give a full list of all ingredients relating to specific products. If you are interested in something on the Beeunique website and would like to know more information before purchasing please contact us and we will do our best to send you all ingredient/material info relating to that product, including any additional information the supplier or manufacturer can provide. Always try a sensitivity test prior to use.


Will These Dyes Cover Grey Hair?
We cannot guarantee that all of the hair dyes we currently sell will work on grey hair, however from customer feedback and personal use we know that some of them can cover grey hair successfully. It may be a case of trial and error to see which ones work for you. If you are successful with covering grey hair please let us know or leave a review for this colour to help others.


Can I Dye Over These Semi Permanent Dyes?
You can change these colours as much as you want as they don't contain the same harmful chemicals that some permanent dyes can and therefore there is no minimum period of time you have to wait before re-dyeing your hair another colour. If you are dyeing the same colour just ensure hair is washed as normal (without using conditioner) and then apply the dye as normal. If you are dyeing a different colour then the existing colour on your hair and the new colour may mix giving a different result i.e... if you are using a blue semi-perm hair dye over already red dyed hair you may get a purple result when the colours mix. As some dye mixes can give very unexpected results we would always recommend you fade the existing colour as much as possible and then try a strand test before applying the new dye. As a general rule you cannot dye your hair a lighter colour without using bleach or chemicals so using a pale pink dye for example over already dark green hair would not give a pink result. At any time you can dye over these semi permanent colours with a 'normal' hair dye (temporary, semi-permanent or permanent) however again we would recommend fading the existing colour as much as possible and trying a strand test first to check the results. More information on using these dyes and fading existing colour can be seen in our Hair Dye Help section.


Can I Use These Hair Dyes On Animals or Under 16's?
To the best of our knowledge none of the brands we sell endorse using their products on animals or persons under the age of 16.

Added Nov 12 - In order to lower the risk of sensitisation to hair dye products among consumers, The European Commission in conjunction with Member States and the cosmetics industry, have agreed on additional cautions for some Hair Dye products. One of the new cautions is that these semi-perm dyes are not intended for use on persons under the age of 16. In practise, this does not mean that these products are forbidden for use on persons younger than 16, however, if consumers start using hair dye at a young age, there is a higher probability that they may at some point develop allergies to hair dye products.

Beeunique already has a note on the website FAQ & Terms saying we do not encourage the use of any of our hair dyes or bleach kits on anyone under the age of 16.


How Can I Make My Hair Dye Last Longer? 
We have a large Hair Dye Hints & Tips section which lists things that may help to pro-long your hair colour as well as other handy information such as clean up tips and bleaching.


Why Does The Colour Look Different in the Tub?
The colour of the hair dye in the tub or bottle is not necessarily the colour result that can be achieved, some dyes can look very dark when condensed in the bottle but give a lighter result on the hair for example. You should always try a strand test before using the product to see what the colour result on your hair will look like and our Hair Dye Gallery can give some indication of what other results were using these colours. Please note the dye pigments can separate in the tub or bottle and we always recommend using a tint bowl and brush (or similar) to stir/mix the dyes fully before using to ensure an even mix of the colour. Some dyes may also have a marbled effect which we have been informed is due to shipping and cold weather and will not affect the overall hair dye result so long as they dye is well mixed before use.


Why Is My Dye Result Different From Last Time? 
Colour results can vary each time you use the same colour due to various reasons, these include: your base colour may have been slightly darker or lighter, hair condition has changed, hair porosity is changed, some colour remaining from previous dye on the hair, the dye was left on the hair for longer or shorter than last time etc. Due to the large amount of conditions that can affect the final result we always advise customers to try a strand test prior to using the dye to check the results are what were expected. From time to time the manufacturers of the brands may also change their colours or alter the amount of each colour pigment etc and again due to this the colour results cannot be guaranteed to be the same after each use.


Does The Colour Run or Bleed?
For the first few washes the semi-permanent dyes will often bleed/release excess colour when wet/washing your hair however this varies depending on hair type and colour/brand used. Some dripping may occur if hair is wet but this should be reduced after the first few washes as this normally removes most of the excess dye. If you only dye part of your hair then there is a chance the colour will run when wet or rub-off onto the undyed hair if this is a lighter colour than the hair dye used. This can sometimes be reduced by washing/drying the dyed section of hair only and then washing/drying the un-dyed section separately however some transferring of colour can still occur. The colours can also run into each other if using more than one colour or doing 'rainbow' hair and washing these colours separately can also help reduce this. Some dyes can stain skin, bed linen, clothing etc and although this should wash off if attended to straight away Beeunique cannot guarantee this and cannot be held responsible for any staining that may occur so we advise that you wear old or dark coloured clothes/towels, buy a poly-cape & gloves when ordering your dye in order to help protect clothing, cleaning up as you go in the bathroom and applying vaseline or similar to baths/grouting etc before using the dyes can also help to reduce staining. Dye rubbed off onto skin can normally be easily removed and some customer suggested hints for removing dye from the skin can be seen Hair Dye Hints & Tips


How Do I Use Bleach Or Toner On My Hair? 
For help and advice on bleaching or using toner on your hair please read our Hair Dye Help section which has step by step instructions, a list of what you will need, hints/tips and other information which should help you decide whether to bleach or tone your hair. There is also a guide to what hair colours different volumes of bleach can be used for.


Why Can't I See The Colour I Want On Your Website? 
We stock the full range of Special Effects, Manic Panic, Adore, Directions, Pravana ChromaSilk, Headshot, Herman's, Crazy Color, Rebellious and Stargazer Semi-Permanent Dyes, if a colour is not shown on our website then it is temporary out of stock at this time. You can sign up for a 'Back In Stock' notification to be emailed as soon as the shade is re-added to our website. There are several brands we cannot sell at this time as they are either for salon-use only or the ingredients do not comply with EU Regulations - you can see more of this on our blog post


How Can I Add My Photo To Your Hair Dye Gallery? 
You can send us your photos by email or by using our Add Photo To Gallery Form. You can send photos as attachments or give us a link to your online photo and we will save the image onto our server. 


Are These 'Vegetable' Hair Dyes? 
No, Although these types of dyes are often referred to as Vegetable Dyes they are in fact Semi-Permanent & Temporary Dyes. More information on these can be seen in our Hair Dye Types.


Can I See All These Hair Dye Colours Together?
To help visitors decide on specific shades we have now created a new section in the Hair Dye Gallery with all dye swatches together i.e. all pinks from special effects, manic panic, crazy color, directions and stargazer together in one place for easy comparison. The new all dyes together section can be seen here: All Hair Dyes Together


Can I Get These Colours In Permanent Dye? 
As the semi permanent dyes we sell coat the hair rather than permanently dye it as 'normal' coloured box dyes do, we don't know of any manufacturer who has managed to make these vibrant colours in a truly permanent formula. Some companies sell deeper colours such as dark purple or red as a permanent box dye however these are unlike the dyes we sell and will contain chemicals that could damage your hair, they also don't come in the large neon ranges that semi permanent dyes can. If you know of any manufacturer who claims to be selling permanent neon dyes please let us know and if they work we will try to stock them in future.


Do You Sell Colour Protect Products?
Beeunique currently sell a range of Directions & Crazy Color shampoos & conditioners


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