Via Natural Bordeaux

I was a little nervous ordering a dye without it having any reviews or photos, but the colour in the circular picture is exactly the colour I was looking for, so I felt I had to go for it. I was very disappointed to find that when the bottle turned up, the picture on the front of it was very different to the picture on here, much lighter and very coppery. I should have just returned the dye, but after reading I would have to pay the return postage anyway, I thought rather than be out of pocket I'd just try it and hope that the picture on here was more accurate at it seems to be on actual hair. The dye itself also looks more red than copper. Anyway, the dye turned out exactly as it is on the bottle, to the exact shade, and nothing like the dark reddy-brown pictured on here. It's a shame because I don't want to mark the dye itself down, as it took brilliantly on my grey roots, and it feels soft and cared for, but the difference in the colours is just too much, so I had to mark it down for that and hope that people read this before they buy. I don't want to put anyone off the dye once they've checked the colour however, it really was nice to use, and it feels like I've had a conditioning treatment on. I will have to buy a darker shade by Via Natural and mix them together I think, to save it going to waste, however I will be googling the bottles first!

Emma S, 03/20/2017
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