COVID-19 - We are still open for now

COVID-19 - We are still open for now

The UK has been placed on lockdown with many businesses being forced to close, however the Government has also encouraged online stores to remain open as long as it is safe to do so.  Thankfully Lee & I are a married couple and the only two who work at our warehouse.  This means we can drive to work and continue trading without exposing ourselves to any additional risk. 

We have removed the collect option from our website to avoid any extra human contact and, as Royal Mail have suspended their Next Day delivery guarantee, we have also removed that option.  Both of these will be re-added after the lockdown is over.  Just now this is quoted as 16th April 2020, however it may go on for much longer than that unfortunately.  You can see more on our updated Delivery Information page

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing chaos across all sectors including the postal service, so please allow a little longer for your deliveries to arrive.  For International orders there may also be delays whilst your order clears customs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time and as always, Stay Safe!

Nickki & Lee