How To - Dye Unbleached Hair

It is not always necessary to bleach your hair before using these semi-permanent hair dyes as some of the deeper colours may show up on unbleached hair, however for a really good vibrant colour it is recommend these dyes be used on lightened or naturally pale hair. Trying to use a light shade of dye on dark hair will do nothing much so don't waste your time and money trying this.


Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes such as Manic Panic, Special Effects, Adore, Stargazer, Crazy Color, Directions & Pravana will normally last less time on unbleached hair and also give more of a sheen/glow to the hair rather than a vibrant dyed colour. The hair dyes we currently sell are not permanent dyes that change the hair colour but instead simply cover or coat the hair with dye and therefore should not damage your hair. As with all the dyes we sell please try a sensitivity test prior to use, although any reaction may be unexpected you are advised to try sensitivity tests when using any new hair or cosmetic item. 


The following section in our Hair Dye Gallery shows actual hair dye results on Dyeing Unbleached Hair.

You may also consider posting in our Hair Dye Forum for more specific advice on the shade you are looking to achieve.


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