How To - Do A Sensitivity Test

Although rare some people can have allergic reactions to products - even something they have used before. It is always advisable to do a skin sensitivity test before using any cosmetic product to check against adverse reactions. Please always follow skin test instructions on any cosmetic product you buy. 


A rough guide to doing a Sensitivity Test would be:

 -  Clean a small area (inside the arm tends to be the most common area used) then apply a small amount of the Semi-Permanent hair dye to the area.
 -  Cover with a sticking plaster and leave for approx 48 hours
 -  Although an allergic reaction is very rare, if you experience severe pain, nausea, headaches etc rinse of dye immediately and consult a doctor.
 -  If there is no reaction after the 48 hours it should be fine to use the product, but bear in mind that a reaction could still happen although this is rare.
NOTE - Adverse reactions include redness, raised skin, itching, blisters etc, and in more severe cases nausea, headache etc - if any unusual symptoms occur discontinue use of the product and consult a Doctor.

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