Special Effects Nuclear Red (UV) Hair Dye

I've been colouring my hair for years and a few years ago decided (stupidly) to go back to my natural colour of strawberry blonde from dark red. After a lot of bleach baths at the hairdressers I was left with lovely blondey hair, but since then the condition has been terrible. I decided to go bright red again as I felt half a person with my natural colour and so set out on a quest to find the brightest one. After trying the usual suspects with disappointing results - fading too quickly, not bright enough - I saw this colour and decided to give it a go. Oh what a brilliant decision that was! I didn't pre-bleach my hair as I decided to not take the chance, and as it was already red thought it would be worth trying. The colour is amazing!!!! I left it on for 3 hours to start with and after that the colour was bright and almost 3D in appearance. Yes, it does come out a bit for the first few washes and yes, my scalp was a bit red for the first few days, but after that the colour just stayed and stayed. I usually lasts for a good 4 weeks on my hair and the condition is wonderful. I like to mix Nuclear Red and Atomic Pink together for Ariel the Mermaid-a-like hair and I'm complimented wherever I go. The best thing is though, that I went to the Extreme gig a few months ago and it glowed under the lights.... ace! I hope this inspires more people to ditch the permanent one-dimensional colours from the 'you're worth it' companies and go veggie instead.

Karen Parks, 01/15/2009
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