Special Effects Nuclear Red (UV) Hair Dye

From the day I dyed my hair nuclear red all over, not a day goes by when I don't get a lot of attention from it! I get several (positive) comments a day and lots of stares from all kinds of people! I've had a couple of family reunions since and I've walked into a room full of strange looks (hehe). I really get noticed everywhere I go - so I have to agree with other users who say that this colour is not for the shy (unless they want to come out of their shell)!

I only wish that nuclear red did not fade so quickly for me (i don't know what other people are doing to make it last longer!). i find it only really lasts about 3 weeks and does fade quite quickly over that time. i wash my hair twice a week and try not to overuse the water - although I have also been using heat on it, which doesn't help (hey, everyone's looking at my hair now, it needs to look good!).

The first time I used it I left it on overnight, and it was unbelievably bright! I also pre-lightened my hair first of course to get a brighter tone. warning - it does get everywhere but i have found it is easy to wash out of towels, etc, so don't panic.

NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE - Avoid anti-dandruff type shampoos and also try to use tepid rather than hot water and rinse with cold water. These should help colour last longer.

claire driver, 01/20/2008
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