Special Effects Nuclear Red (UV) Hair Dye

This is SUCH a good product. Iv'e been dying my hair with regular permanent 'red' dyes for years and none of them have EVER stayed as well as this. I used Colour B4 first then bleached my hair to a very uneven yellow/orange. Then I applied the Nuclear Red for about 2 hours (with a stylish cling film wrap) and voila! beautiful even intense coverage. I had shoulder length hair and used about a bottle and a half. I dyed my hair about 2 months ago and its still as bright as ever. This is two months of washing at least twice a week with hot water (I tried the whole washing with cold business but didnt like it) and with no colour boosts in the conditioner. Be warned it does bleed an awful lot to begin with (standing under the shower for the first 2 or 3 weeks was like a scene from 'Carrie') but it settles to a pale pink rinse after that. There was no red transfer once my hair was dry and for the couple of weeks I made sure my hair was fully dry (and I have dark towels) before sleeping anyway.
(Emailed Review from Linz)

Emailed Review, 02/10/2012
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