Special Effects Nuclear Red (UV) Hair Dye

Amazing product. I have tried to get my hair bright red about 4 times now,i even went to the hairdressers once and she dyed it a kind of nice red but it was quite dull and after a week i was totally orange. I was pretty nervous about trying such an intense colour myself but As soon as i did it i was really pleased. My hair is quite dry so i diddnt want to bleach it but i found a pre lightener in the shops it lightened my hair to a light orange colour then i applied the red and it went really bright. I have just ordered some more as i could do with a top up and thats after about a month with quite a lot of washes. So overall im really pleased, the colour is great it stays in really well its easy to use and it leaves your hair lovely and soft. It does stain quite a bit which you would expect so be careful when you use it if you wipe surfaces down as soon as possible after dying your hair it doesn't leave a stain.

lauren mcmahon, 08/31/2011
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