Special Effects Nuclear Red (UV) Hair Dye

Oh wow, I have fallen in love with this dye! When I first got it, i just put a few highlights in my hair to see how long the colour would last and how bright it was. Turned out, it was brilliant! Sadly, my mum didn't let me dye it fully red until summer because my school 'wouldn't like it'. When it came to summer I simply couldn't wait to get it on! I've literally just done it and I lef tit in for somewhere under 4 hours. Due to the colour my hair was before [a blond/ginger combo due to bad dying previously], it came out as an amazing red colour, the same as Ariel from The Little Mermaid! It did bleed quite a bit, and I'm sure it will do for the next few washes, but I'm positive it will be brilliant for weeks [maybe months] to come! Thank you Special Effects hair dye. -VeanZ-

Emailed Review, 09/19/2009
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