Special Effects Cupcake Pink (UV) Hair Dye

I have been dreaming of having a candy pink head of hair since I was 12. I am now 18 and finally made my dreams a reality. I was incredibly indecisive on what dye I should buy-cupcake pink or atomic. Atomic is notorious for having incredible staying power but cupcake had a more orange tint to it (which I wanted). So I decided to chance it and get cupcake pink. I defiantly don't regret it. It was easy to dilute and the color was marvelous. I mean its fantastic. Its a pretty candy color. And TBH, I put it on my hair a month ago and the only reason it faded was because I tried to scrub it out. (I wanted to see what it looked like pastel) and I still couldn't scrub it out completely. It did fade to a more peachy color, but it was pink nonetheless. I highly recommend this color for a true pink color that lasts!! I now just ordered Atomic Pink because I wanted to experiment with a more cool toned pink. But I still think Cupcake will be my favorite. -JellyBeanJody2-

Emailed Review, 08/13/2012
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