Special Effects Cupcake Pink (UV) Hair Dye

I tryed this color because I was told it was used by very well known internet celebs such as Jeffrey Star and Tarina Tarantino. It's a very good quality dye but for me it's not perfect. Why? It is very hard to strip off, so if you like to change your color constantly don't go for this dye. If you want the color to last long, then It's Perfect for you! :) Other thing about it was that the tone was very bright, almost fluorescent. I personally like pastel tones better. But if you're going for the bright, this is for you. In resume, it is a very good quality dye, very bright and the most longlasting i've ever tryed.
(Emailed Review from Scarlett Ann Perkins)

Emailed Review, 02/10/2012
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