Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV) Hair Dye

I have very dark brown/black (asian hair) and i was looking to dye my hair without any lightening or bleach. I was aiming for a nice tinted pink or purple and tried this colour as it was brightest and I knew it would not come out the actual colour. I left it in intially for 3 hours and got FANTASTIC results, the next time i left it in over night for approx 10 hours and the results are AMAZING. My whole hair is a fuschia/purple/pink colour. At night time or in standardly lit places my hair appears dark and on the whole many people dont notice, however the results in day light or when a bright light is shone on it, are great. So if you have dark hair i would strongly recommend this colour, i have just ordered cupcake pink and i am sure it will give me similar results. -Krisha-

Emailed Review, 01/20/2009
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