Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV) Hair Dye

So i bleached my hair first and the lightest i could get it to was a yellow so i thought this colour wasent going to take properly and look orange. Once on i left for about 2 hours and decided to wash it out, the colour came out just as the colour shown, no orange tint to it and it dident matter that my hair was not blonde to start of with i was really pleases with the outcome as i like my hair dye to come out the colour i buy it, it lasted 2 and a half weeks before starting to fade and i wash my hair every other day and instead of fading to a horrible orange colour like most pinks to this went to a gorgeous cotton pink colour, which i loved. Its great to have a product work so well with my hair i will definatly use this again. -JayneAlice-

Emailed Review, 09/14/2008
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