Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV) Hair Dye

After trying several different pinks, by a variety of companies i heard special effects were the best. I did not want to bleach my hair so i was looking for something to take hold on my naturally light brown (faded hair dye red) hair. Every other dye either gave it a tint or washed out almost immediately. It has now been 7 weeks since i used Atomic Pink and people still comment on how pink it is! I left it on for 2 and a half hrs, and used the tips on this site, and although it is beginning to fade (but still looks good!) the bigger problem is my roots! I would recommend this product if you dont want to bleach your hair, and if looked after carefully, it will last well over a month! Fantastic. -Jenna-

Emailed Review, 09/19/2009
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