Manic Panic Siren's Song (UV) Hair Dye

I LOVE this colour! It is a unique colour that starts out as a medium minty green which fades to a pastel mint. It looks beautiful when paired with a pinky purple and deep turquoise.
It does have to be applied to quite pale hair if you want the colour to show up properly, which I found to be the same for most green/blue shades. It looked nice on me for about 3-4 weeks before it needed a touch up (which I expected as it is one of the lighter shades and washing my hair 2 x a week).

I imagine this is the perfect dye to use if you're making your own pastel mint green dye as well.

All in all this is a gorgeous dye and while it might not last as long as some colours it is well worth the upkeep, but I wouldn't bother getting the amplified version as I found no difference in lasting power.

Laury Needham-Coenen, 27/01/2016
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