Special Effects Wild Flower Hair Dye

I think it is important to have hair bleached to a very, very pale colour first. My hair was bleached to a light blonde, like the colour of undiluted lemon squash, and the dye left on for an hour on the first try, but it lasted only a week (with only 2 washes)and in one patch only worked as a toner. I was quite dissapointed as I bought this dye thinking it would last 5 weeks. I tried again, and managed to get two weeks, where it started, off blue, then faded to purple and started to wash straight out, rather than actively fading. If you think you can bleach your hair to practically white without too much damage, maybe this dye will work out fine for you, but don't expect a pure purple colour or long-lasting results. -Natalie-

Emailed Review, 07/09/2008
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