Special Effects Wild Flower Hair Dye

This colour is BEAUTIFUL when first dyed! It's an incredibly deep, bright blue-purple, like a vivid indigo, and it practically glows under sunlight. I dyed it over faded Cherry Bomb (another gorgeous colour), and it covered the old pink totally. For the first two weeks I was being approached by total randoms on the street wanting to touch it. Again. :D SFX just has that effect on people.

My only complaint is that it fades much faster than the SFX pinks and reds, being blue-based. After a month and a bit my hair was a pretty but dull blue, like faded jeans. So I would recommend buying a couple bottles and topping it up pretty often (unless you're like me and wait eagerly for colours to fade so you can try another one, of course).

Otherwise, though, it's amazing. One thing I do have to say is if you've got green eyes, this colour looks FABULOUS with them. :D Also, Beeunique shipped just as quickly as usual: my colour was with me in a few days! These guys ROCK.

Napalm Orange and Cupcake Pink next!

Stephanie Merritt, 05/13/2008
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