Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

My first foray into Special Effects hair colour having only previously used boxed dye off the shelf was a great success. I bleached my hair a couple of times to lift it to an orangey lengths colour with pure white roots then used 1 & 1/2 bottles of Virgin Rose on my long hair (about half way down my back) before wrapping it in cling wrap and leaving for about 2 hours. When washed out it was a beautifully bright pink colour and upon drying it presented as quite purpley under Fluro strip lighting (like you get in kitchens etc), very very pink under normal bulb light and somewhere in between in daylight. After about 6 washes (using very warm water), a couple of blow drys and a couple of crimps it had faded slightly to a more pinky pink, with less of the purple tones in, however this was only noticeable when I touched up my roots with a little from the left over half a bottle, which came out very purpley pink (beautiful). -Cherry-

Emailed Review, 09/02/2008
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