Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

This is the 3rd SFX dye i've used. First was cherry bomb, then atomic pink, now virgin rose (won this for writing a review! - thanks Beeunique xx). Fantastic colour (as usual with this brand) on pre bleached hair. Colour seems to last well (4 weeks on & doesn't need re-doing yet). Looks good with my black hair (streaked in at the front). Have had so many comments from people asking where I got it from that if I had a £ for every time i'd be able to give up work (can I work on commision for Beeunique please xx). Would defo recommend SFX colours - you just need to chose the colour for you, & would defo recommend Beeunique, they're a fab company!

jane church, 05/23/2008
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