Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

I've wanted to dye my hair an unnatural colour for at least five years and after stumbling across this site a little while ago, I finally got my chance. I ordered SFX because I've heard a lot of good things about it, and decided this was the colour for me.

The colour is so amazing and makes my hair look beautiful in the sun. Plus, unlike most dyes, it didn't dry my hair out at all. It has remained nice and soft.

I had to bleach beforehand and although it messed up, the colour still looks great and has given me multi-tonal pinks and purples, which is even better =) I've received so many comments and it has only been two days. I will definitely be buying again in the near future.

The only bad thing I can think about this product is that I wake up with a pink neck every morning XD but who cares when you can have awesome hair!

Michelle Winterbone, 05/12/2008
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