Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

I am inlove with this dye. I have tried unnatural colors from almost every brand, professional and non, and sfx is the absolute best. I had black dyed hair for years, color removed and bleach bathed and had a very uneven light blonde to gingery orange base. I used this color, with a bit of Atomic pink and a small amount of Directions Rose Red and it covered everything! Its a hot, neon cross between Barbie pink and Barney purple. So if you are worried about your base being too ginger, don't worry about it like I did! Also, I expected my tub to look like Barbie chainsaw Massacre andstain everything...nope! And its thick so it stays put and doesnt run and drip and fling everywhere. Also, it lasts a long time and I have no dry transfer. Everything about it is great! If you have any questions at all, just ask on the forum, it is a great, knowledgeable, welcoming community. - Emailed Review (Katie)

Emailed Review, 08/02/2014
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