Special Effects Virgin Rose Hair Dye

I adore this colour! I put this over non-bleached hair (I used colour b4 to lighten my hair). It came out a lovely purple colour that's bright pink in the light. I couldn't decide on getting pink or purple dye, but I saw this and bought it immediately. You get the best of pink and purple with this dye in my opinion. I'm excited to see how it fades since I've heard great things about it. I would (and probably will) use this dye again. The only downside to it is that it does stain everything. It stained my bath, my hands and little spots on my bathroom floor, but it's a small price to pay for lovely looking hair. I've had it on for a day and I've gotten at least 10 compliments on it.
(Emailed Review from Amelia)

Emailed Review, 02/10/2012
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