Special Effects Purple Smoke Hair Dye

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with this color at all. I love Special effects colors that look almost toxic to touch for example, Nuclear Red, Atomic Pink, Pimpin Purple...And this didn't give it to me. Pros: It's a nice light purple shade if you're into that. It fades nicely and when it does fade, it depends on the lighting you're in, it could be seen as a faded blue tint to a faded Cupcake pink. If you want a subtle color, something for highlighting and streaks this color works well. Cons: Fades too quickly for me, but I'm used to colors that last for months and months. I think the actual 'purple-ly' color lasted one-two washes and then it faded slowly after that, I was able to keep it in my hair for about 2-3ish weeks. -Syphilis-

Emailed Review, 04/14/2010
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