Special Effects Pimpin Purple Hair Dye

This is a truly beautiful purple and way better than any box dyes I've used. When I applied it, it looked darker than what I was going for but it looked nice. When I washed it out a couple of hours later, I was amazed by the difference. It lightened up a lot and although it's a red-based shade, it came out rather blue on me (however, that may have been the excess dye that remained). After a few weeks, it faded slightly and gave a violet-pink colour. It's been almost three months and it's still pink/orange (with random patches of the purple) so the lasting power is excellent. The only downside was that when I washed the dye out, a had a multitonal effect dispite having a even base colour; other dyes I've tried haven't had this problem unless my hair was a mixture of tones due to bleaching - this was possibly due to a bad batch as someone who had iguana green suffered the same (ended with mixtures of yellow & green). Other than that, it's one of my favourites.

Michelle Winterbone, 12/02/2008
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