Special Effects Pimpin Purple Hair Dye

I didn't want to bleach my hair as I didn't want to damage it, so I just tried using this colour over my un-bleached medium brown hair that's got a fair amount of hair-dye build up. I left it on for about 20 minutes and I was very pleased with the result!
Immediately my hair was noticeably purple, especially at the roots, and very soft and shiny. I wasn't expecting much using it on un-bleached hair, but it definitely still has an effect. A month after applying the hair dye and there is still colour in my hair, that's faded from purple to a more subtle reddish sheen in the light, which is very nice. The only downside I'd say is that even after rinsing the dye from your hair for a long time, the colour continues to bleed from your hair onto everything. My bathwater still turns purple a month later, and my pillows have turned purple also. The dye also stains everything, so make sure you don't get any on anything at all - even your bath or sink. Definitely worth using again though.

Alison Biancardi, 03/15/2011
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