Special Effects Fish Bowl Hair Dye

This is a beautiful turquoise color. It starts off somewhat deep, but mostly bright, and after a few days/washings it fades to the perfect bright turquoise. I also love this color diluted with a little conditioner and mixed with a drop of Blue Haired Freak. One of the best colors that go well with this color in combinations is Atomic Pink. The color reminds me of the ocean in pictures that you see in ads for the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico. A drawback is that it fades fairly quickly, at least compared to many of the other colors SFX offers. Also, if your hair isn't bleached to a verrry light, almost platinum color, it may turn greenish on the parts of your hair that has more yellow tones, so it is best to do this over very light, even toned blond hair. -Allison-

Emailed Review, 07/09/2008
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