Special Effects Electric Blue Hair Dye

I, being on swim team and having before had special effects that was not faded with chlorine, decided to show my school spirit by bleaching out my hair and dying the bottom blue. Well, i acquired some Electric Blue, and for a while, it was wonderful. Then, I hit the pool. To my dismay, this colour not only fades lighter, it also fades to a different colour-- purple! This would have been much less infuriating had i not just had SE Deep Purple in my hair for 4 months and had to rape my hair with bleach to get the purple out (no semi-perm colour strippers worked very well!). Anyways, its been about, oh, i'd say a good month and a half or two. the underneath of my hair is a pastel grey-purple, and i just can't seem to get it out of my hair, and im afraid to bleach it.
ANYWAYS. this colour would still be fine, if the person using it didn't ever go into chlorine. ever. even sitting in hot tubs fades this puppy.

NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE - Chlorine can seriously fade these vegetable dyes (as well as bleed the colour into the pool if only recently dyed). Best wearing a swimming cap to be on the safe side. Also many blue based dyes can fade to a purple base colour although this is normally much lighter than SFX Deep Purple - you can apply more of the same colour or another purple based blue dyed to cover it and it should bring it back to a blue tone.

taylor waterhouse, 03/22/2008
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