Special Effects Electric Blue Hair Dye

I LOVE this hair dye. The colour came out amazing. I applied to hair that was bleached to a pale blonde, with lots of yellow tones, but that didn't affect it at all! It didn't even come out slightly green. This blue has a lot of purple undertones. I'd say I'd have to re-dye about every month to maintain the nice blue- it lasts quite a while. However, as my hair faded, it faded to a purple, then a pink. And honestly, I got more compliments on my faded hair than I did on the blue hair! For me, it faded more in certain parts, like my bangs. It looked great! About 2 months of not dying my hair again, and its mostly a nice purply-pink. I love it! This is amazing hair dye, and I'd definitely recommend it! -MushuMuffin-

Emailed Review, 08/13/2012
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