Special Effects Devilish Hair Dye

I really love this colour! Don't be fooled by what it looks like on the site or by what it looks like in the bottle, as it comes out a million times better and brighter. It has a really nice pinkish tone to it and fades to a pinkish colour rather than orange like a lot of other dyes. It lasts fairly well if you're careful about how you wash your hair and how often etc I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a really awesome, vibrant hair colour. The only not-so-good thing I could say about it is that (according to my mum who put it on for me) it's tricky to put on as it doesn't spread all that well and if you get it anywhere but on your hair, it'll stain. Also, it bleeds quite a lot in the shower, but I suppose this is to be expected! The day after I used it, I was caught in a rain shower, and none of it got on me, so I guess that's a mega bonus! Overall, I totally love this product! It has everything going for it. It's vibrant, lasts well, is vegan friendly -Eyeless_Freak-

Emailed Review, 09/02/2008
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