Special Effects Devilish Hair Dye

My hair was ginger and I thought that this dye wouldn't come out overly bright because of the base colour...I was wrong. It came out WAY better than I expected it to! The colour is more of a pinky red than a bright red, but after a few washes the pink tints start to fade and you are left with a more pure red colour. For me, this dye lasted about 4 weeks before it needed dying again. This is the longest any red dye has ever lasted for me. There is one downside...it goes everywhere. When I first had it done it stained my clothes even when my hair wasn't wet, stained my skin, my bath etc. (I personally think it was worth it though). Even after 4 weeks the dye continues to bleed out when I wash it. Overall, I would say that this dye is well worth a go, just be careful about getting it everywhere!
(Emailed Review from Milly)

Emailed Review, 02/10/2012
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