Special Effects Devilish Hair Dye

Definitely my favourite dye that I've used so far! For the first few days it can't make up it's mind what colour it wants to go - in direct sunlight it's an amazing fluorescent pink, even brighter than Atomic Pink which I had before; and under artificial lighting it goes neon red. After a few washes it tends to stick to red, and it lasted about a fortnight before it started to streak even a little bit (I wash my hair every other day and usually blow dry it). Only real downside is that it takes about a week for the colour to stop rubbing off on everything that touches your hair lol... BUT A TIP FOR PEOPLE like me who like to wash their hair often and don't like the hassle/mess of re-dyeing every couple of weeks: when you buy this dye, also buy some of the Stargazer dye in Rouge, mix it in with conditioner (half and half), and start using it as your everyday conditioner when this dye starts to fade. Trust me it keeps it going forever, doesn't make much mess in your bathroom (because Stargazer is less concentrated), doesn't take up any extra time in your daily routine, and you won't have to worry about re-dyeing it completely until you want to touch up your roots. And of course you don't need to stray any further than Bee Unique for both products :D

Grace Sutherland, 08/29/2011
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