Special Effects Devilish Hair Dye

Love this colour! I used it over hair that had been bleached to a dark gingerish colour, and the colour came out beautifully bright! The Colour is a gorgeous deep reddy pink, but it seems to glow hot pink or luminous red under different types of lighting. My hair had been patchy after the bleach process (too many years of using red box dyes I think) but Devillish completely covered that up, so my hair colour was beautifully even all over. The under layers of my hair are sligtly darker - probably becasue I ran out of bleach - but it still looks an amazing vidid pinky-red colour. I've had the colour on for 5 weeks now, and it's still going strong. I've been washing my hair in lukewarm water and adding a bit of the leftover dye to conditioner, and it has really helped to keep the colour alive. In fact, after a few washes several people at work commented on how the colour seemed to be getting brighter! After a couple more washes it has faded, but only slightly, and is now a deep reddy pink colour. The only small down sides are that I needed 1 and a half bottles to cover my whole head as I have long thick hair. Also, the colour is still rubbing off onto my pillow case 5 weeks later! It comes right out in the wash though.Overall I would say that this is without question one of the brightest and longest lasting red dyes I have ever used. I will definitely be using it again!

Toni Butler, 11/24/2009
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