Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

Great product. I love the colour. It works on my bleached asian hair which is normally very hard to dye. It has faded more on the areas which have not been bleached enough though so would recommend really bleaching the hell out of your hair first, despite the obvious dangers of scalp burn and brittle hair. I think its worth it to get a good colour!! My bathroom has now been permanently stained purple in every area that the dye touched, even bleach won't shift it off the lino. I would recommend covering your bathroom in plastic sheeting before using this dye, unless, like me you don't really care too much about stains! Also, my scalp was stained purple for a few days but this did of course fade. I also had purple streaks down my face, hands and body when washing it out, so would recommend applying a vaseline barrier around the hairline and using surgical spirit to remove any stains on your face that won't come off. This is a great dye but leaves on hell of a mess behind!!

Sara Han, 02/05/2009
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