Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

this is the longest lasting SE hair dye i have used to date, and the most stubborn! lasted for 4 months, with washing every day. I had left it on for 20 min under a dryer and 25 with no heat, which does help (dryer to open up the cuticles, time after so they close up before you rinse). it didn't so much fade as brighten in that time, and on my 8 inch hair i only had to use 1/2 of the bottle. but as i said, it was a stubborn colour! no semi-perm hair colour removr would work, and believe me, i tried everything! i had to resort to bleaching, and patches of pink were left over still.
BUT, if you're looking for a long lasting & restorative colour, this is it, bottom line!

taylor waterhouse, 03/22/2008
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