Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

I love this product, don't be put off by the idea of stains! (brace yourself for a long review on the staining qualities of the dye) The reviews of staining skin, pillowcases and bathtubs scared me a little, however the colour just looked so good I had to give it a go. My personal experience is that the dye does not stain everything nearly as much as I was led to believe by some of the comments, however that may just be due to my hair type. I bleached my hair from medium brown to a yellowish colour before applying the dye and it came out in a lovely vibrant purple with hints of pink and blue, and a week later, no signs of fading. When rinsing the dye out, and for the first one or two washes, the bath was left with a slightly purple tint, as were a few tiles. I used a regular household bleach on the areas and the dye lifted out upon contact with the stains (phew!) but after 4 washes, there was no sign of staining in the bathroom (it is also worth noting that the dye came into contact with metal, plastic and ceramic surfaces, the dye was easily removed from all of them). I use purple towels anyway so that wasn't really a problem for me, but I also grabbed a really cheap pillow case that I was willing to throw away, and for the first two nights I left a little purple on it (more so if I had damp hair when lying down), although that washed out relatively easily, and after 4 nights there was no sign of any dye being left behind. The day after I dyed my hair, my mum wanted me to go shopping with her, and it was raining, (ahh help!) I imagined myself melting into some runny purple mess, but no such thing. I took an umberella but inevatably my hair got a little damp, but I didn't come home with skin stained purple. The top of my ears and neck stayed a purplish shade for the first week or so, but I have shoulder length hair so this was not a problem to me. When styling my hair my hands got a little purple from time to time, but this came off with normal hand soap. If you have made it this far in the review, then I would honestly reccomend this dye if you want a head-turning, vibrant purple hair. Be warned, this dye is not for the weak willed, you must want purple hair for a long time, for me this dye lasts longer than permanent box dyes! good luck!

Emma Hewitt, 09/10/2014
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