Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

I LOVE THIS DYE :) Started off a brilliantly dark purpley black, and faded brighter and brighter with every wash instead of just fading more and more dull like most dyes! 2 months later it is a vibrant purpley pink colour :) It also faded so nicely on my hair, started fading just on the ends and created like a pink dip dye effect :D so all in all, I'm very very happy with this dye. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the absolutely awful staining power of it!!! In fear of staining my mums shower I washed my hair outside for nearly 2 weeks, needless to say that wasn't fun lol but overall I've decided it was worth it :) so as long as you can handle staining or washing your hair al fresco like me, then this dye is perfect :) x

Mandy Treggiden, 10/05/2012
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