Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

By far the best purple I have ever used. I've tried pimpin purple, but it fades to pink far too quickly. I've also tried various crazycolour and directions products, but none of them are as good as this. I leave the dye on for at least an hour, on pre-lightened hair, and it comes out almost black in low light. In bright/natural light the colour is amazingly bright and strong, very shiny and rich. It is the longest lasting purple I've used, and fades to a nice strong pink colour. I usualy re-dye my hair because my roots are too long, not because the colour is gone. The only downside to this dye is that it bleeds like crazy. For the first week or two after I've dyed it, everything I touch goes purple. My hands go purple when I style my hair, my bathroom is constantly purple from washing it, and when I go to the gym and get sweaty, my hair runs purple onto my face!!!! BUT, it's totally worth it for the beautiful colour!!!

Fiona Leeper, 08/05/2012
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