Special Effects Deep Purple Hair Dye

Deep Purple was my first time using a brightly coloured Semi-Perm dye. It's absolutely gorgeous! I dyed my hair blonde and put this on top, it covered brilliantly and indeed was a vibrant deep purple. As the weeks went on, it just gets brighter and brighter and more vivid! I pretty much wash my hair everyday, every-other day at most, and this dye lasts for about 8 weeks before needing to top up. I adore this colour and will certainly be using it over and over again! Even when dying on top of my natural hair colour, a fairly dark brown, the colour is a lovely deep purple...it just doesn't fade as bright purple when you put it on blonde. A word of caution though, this dye really does dye EVERYTHING it touches, PERMANENTLY! If you get it on lino, wood, carpet, clothes, grouting between tiles, metal....it really does stay. Also, get as little on your skin as possible because it stains that pretty well too.
(Emailed Review from Bat_Tastic)

Emailed Review, 02/10/2012
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