Special Effects Cherry Bomb (UV) Hair Dye

This is an amazing colour. It starts off as a NEON red, but after a few washes, it turns into a beautiful pink. However, I think it washes out too quickly because sections of my hair are already fading quite badly despite dying it only a week ago over bleached to a light blonde hair. I only wash it every other day. This shade doesn't seem to have the lasting power like other colours I've tried (E.G. Virgin Rose - I had to bleach it out eventually and even after that my hair still had the magenta tinge to it.) I've attempted to add it to my conditioner but at the moment, I've had no luck.

It made my hair look so shiny, and it helped me with my attitude. Usually, I'm the type of person who'd say "Why are they staring at me?" but now I'm more like "Let them look." I recommend this shade as it is overall very good and as others have said, it is not for the weak at heart. I've received many compliments along the lines of "That is truely awesome hair." and only one person has hated it so far (that being my grandmother.)

A bottle does go a long way as my hair is fairly long. I only used about 3/4 of the bottle. So I have a bottle and a bit left to redo it.

This has given me the pink I've always wanted though so I'm happy =)

Michelle Winterbone, 07/20/2008
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