Special Effects Blue Velvet Hair Dye

There were some troubles with this order, but it was handled so well by the site that I won't make any complains. Very trust-worthy and I just shopped on the site again :)

The colour was a real bargain because:
1) It stays fresh-looking one zillion times longer in my hair compared to the colours I can buy at home in Denmark (directions and stargazer)
2) My hair isn't that thick and these bottles are pretty big so I used less than 50% of the bottle to dye my entire hair.

= I dyed my hair in the end of august and now at the end of October I just did my second touch-up with the very same bottle! Amazing - and cheap! :p

The basic colour is a very dark blue (dyed on platin bleached hair) but it changes a lot - sometimes it looks black, sometimes it looks like Blue Mayhem and sometimes it looks purple (it gets more purple for every wash because it's a purple-based dye)
The colour bleeds a lot – especially until it has been washed a couple of times. So take some times for showers including hair wash ^^

Fading: It fades slowly on roots and almost doesn't fade at all on plain bleached hair (excluding split ends that tends to fade as well) - but overall less and slower fading than any other dye I've used.

Sofie Jacobi, 10/30/2006
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