Special Effects Blue Velvet Hair Dye

As my hair had previously been dyed black, my hair was a bit patchy (yellow and orange) after bleaching despite this it covered it uniformly. =)

Initially I was dissapointed as my hair turned out darker than the test strand - it was almost black and I had purple "highlights" running through it. After a few washes it went a nice dark blue, however. Later I put the remaining dye in a conditioning treatment and left that on after each wash I haven't noticed much fade since then. The longest layer of my hair is waist length and normal in texture so I was surprised that I only needed 3/4 of a bottle to cover the lot!

* Long lasting
* No "tidemark" i.e. the roots aren't noticably different from the rest of my hair
* 1 bottle goes a long way

* Goes on much darker initially
* Stains EVERYTHING blue - I still wake up to find my ears, face etc have gone blue (I've had a similar problem with most dyes though)

Louise Fleming, 05/10/2008
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