Special Effects Blue Velvet Hair Dye

I LOVE BLUE VELVET! I have used this dye religiously (well I only get time to dye my hair on Sundays!) for 4 years (apart from a two week flirt with Pimpin Purple (also lush!) whilst my boss wasn't looking). It is brilliant, vibrant and my hair has never looked in better condition. I leave it on for roughly two hours and use a hair dryer for 15 minutes whilst I've got the dye on to help the colour sink in. It has a purple base so even when faded it looks good. I've also noticed that when I brush my hair after using hairspray it sends it a very vibrant purple! The colour is best described as 'inky blue' like what the colour of ink in fountain pens! I'm now in the quest for a red dye that can give me the same performance. I've ordered Blood Red and i'll let you know how I get on. -Susie Who?-

Emailed Review, 09/19/2009
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