Special Effects Blood Red Hair Dye

This color is GORGEOUS. I used it over my natural dark blonde hair and everybody loves it, especially since I had the tips of my hair bleached, so it goes from a deep, intense auburn, to a dark velvety red. However, when using this product, be careful because it stains EVERYTHING, including my bathtub! i also didnt use enough vaseline on my face, ears, and neck and it stained my skin, but I was able to take it off with some mosturizer I've had. I would also recommend not wearing white for the first few days, because it rubs off a little bit, but it's not anything you cant handle. This is a great product, I'm so glad I chose it! I'm definitely going to use it again, and I've already recommended it to a lot of my friends. -Jenn-

Emailed Review, 07/09/2008
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