Special Effects Atomic Pink (UV) Hair Dye

This dye is amazing, but a little too amazing. Pink gets everywhere.. your pillow case, your collars, your hands, and everything your hands touch. All my taps and door handles have a pink tinge now. I think it's because the dye is just so strong. I would recommend washing your hair with gloves each time, I don't mean just when you're rinsing the dye out, I mean each time you wash it, sounds a bit over the top but otherwise they will be tinged pink and tinge everything you touch pink.

On the plus side though, it lasts for ages. I found two applications are required before you get the deep long lasting colour as the first one seems to wash out a bit. After that though, I didn't need to dye it until I redid my roots.

This dye is easier to apply, takes to your hair better and lasts much longer than any other dye I've used (I've used a fair few!). It's also vegan friendly. I would recommend it!

NOTE FROM BEEUNIQUE - If hair is fully rinsed after first application the dye should not stain your hands after the first shampoo/wash however this can vary from person to person and if staining did occur it should be easily removed with soap and water. When using vegetable dyes bleeding onto pillows, towels etc is very common and although this should come out in a normal wash it would be best to avoid light towels/bedding etc just incase.

Victoria Lincoln, 07/24/2006
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