Manic Panic Shocking Blue Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]

I've been dabbling with this colour in all the varieties (amplified, gel and normal) and am totally in love with this. I've been using it since March and I've found that if you treat it well using minimal styling products and colour care shampoo and conditioner, it lasts a very long time and remains vibrant, even when it fades into a lovely turquoise colour! I feel like I get 2 gorgeous shades for the price of 1! Its shiny and goes from deep glossy shocking blue, then after 3-5 washes goes marginally lighter (but not light blue! Just more in your face shocking blue!) to peacock green then to a light sea turquoise. Couldn't be happier. I wash my hair roughly twice a week, maybe every 4 days, and I get it redyed at sea turquoise time which is about week 6 for me!

Sarah Downham, 14/07/2009
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