Manic Panic Purple Haze Hair Dye [AMPLIFIED]

i have natural platina blond hair but i asked a friend who is a hairdresser if i should bleach it first and she told me yes, as it would absorb more colour that way. so i did. i left the colour in for about 1 hr, it stayed for about three weeks before i noticed any changes in the colour, after 6 weeks i coloured it again without bleaching it first and now another 6 weeks after the colour is still sharp. i do have aftergrowth though so it looks a bit watered out but not much. and this is even when i use head and shoulders shampoo/balsam ( i have mild psoriasis) wich is not recommended becouse it is strong and will make the colour wash out faster. i am all in all super happy with the result :D michelle

michelle costa, 03/24/2011
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