Adore Sienna Brown Hair Dye

I am very impressed! I have been bright red for about a year and I applied this over a faded red which was an odd neon pinky orangey mix. I thought it would turn out darker but it came out a medium shade. It has let quite a lot of the red underneath shine though which I expected and I reaaaally like. To give you an idea on the colour of the actual dye it looked like tea with out milk when I was washing it out. I gave it 4 stars because it has a kind of strange transparent coverage like it didn't suck up lots of dye. It's hard to explain :s I was totally AMAZED at how much dye I used. To give you an idea I usually use 3/4 of a pot of directions to cover my hair and I used less that 1/3 of this! I can easily get 3 full dyings out of one bottle so Iam super happy about that! The consistency is quite runny and easy to apply and left my hair feeling really well conditioned and shiny. Also! It doesn't stain everything like sfx or directions, I splodged it on my forehead and the floor but it came off easily! phew! :) I have washed it once since dying and it doesn't appear to have faded either. I will be buying Adore again!

Chloe Louise Bristow, 30/12/2012
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