Adore Jet Black Hair Dye

One of the best semi permanents i've tried. More runny than other dyes which makes it easier to apply and makes the bottle last longer (my hair is 5 inches past shoulder length and its lasted me 4 turns). Has a lovely smell, reminds me of a sweet shop. Dyeing over a red box dye it covered perfectly, with just a hint of the red showing in bright direct sunlight. Doesn't stain ANYTHING except your hair! Not skin, not your bathroom, doesn't bleed onto pillows or when it rains. Quick to rinse out when dyeing. Doesn't come out much when washing your hair. I love this product...but......I wont be buying it again as it's not vegan friendly. Such a shame as it's good quality and great value for money, but non-vegan is a deal breaker for me.

sarah simpson, 20/08/2015
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