Adore French Cognac Hair Dye

[Background] In July 2016 I bleached half of my hair and coloured it with varying shades of vibrant turquoise and purple (originally used LaRiche Directions & Adore) and every time I washed it, my hair became bluer! Eventually it settled on a lovely aquamarine-bluey-green, but sure enough my work found a problem with "extreme /unnatural hair colours"... something about "uniform policy"... so I figured it was time to get back to something relatively "natural" - so what if it wasn't mine!
A haircut in Feburary 2017 left me with less bleached colour to cover so figured I'd go for a dip-dye/ombre look. I've always loved the colour of a natural redhead, and I liked the warm natural shades of the Adore range, but I couldn't find any accurate visual results online. Also I worried that any dye I used might go neon over what remained of the bleach; in the end I just had to take a wild guess on the dyes and try it out.
I chose Adore French Cognac & Copper Brown and evenly mixed them together, applying it to my all ready bleached tips, as well as some unbleached hair as well. Result? On the tips, a million times yes! However on the unbleached hair, the dye didn't cling at all which was a shame. Nevertheless I am thrilled with the tips, and I love how the colour slightly varies in different lights, just like my friend's natural red hair - definitely doing something right with this mix!
Only giving 4 stars due to the non-existent effect on unbleached hair. Overall, very happy to be an honorary member of #TeamRedhead!

Alice M., 25/03/2017
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